Soil-Sement® is an environmentally safe, advanced powerful polymer emulsion that produces highly effective dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization.
Soil-Sement® provides excellent bonding, cohesion, versatility, cost-effectiveness, environmental compliance and superior overall performance.
Soil-Sement®’s effectiveness results from the length and strength of its unique polymer molecule formulation and those polymer molecules’ ability to bond with the surface materials. Its chemical structure is made of  molecules attached in relatively straight-linked chains and then cross-linked among other chains or grids that may be 1,000,000 molecules long. It is a true giant compared to the much smaller molecular structure of oil, calcium, petroleum resin and asphalt emulsion Products, which range from 100 to 10,000 molecules. As a
result, Soil-Sement® can be as strong as steel or as resilient as rubber.

Soil-Sement® is the cumulation of 24 years of focused research and development, and unparalleled  concentration on PM10, PM2.5, erosion control and stabilization solutions. It yields proprietary one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry manufactured to rigid quality standards utilized in combination with field experience in all industrial, commercial and municipal environments. The result is a performance and value combination that is unequaled by other chemical and polymer Products. As a result Soil-Sement® has been the standard of comparison for all chemical types, including polymer Products, since it’s introduction in 1978. Especially

today Soil-Sement® exemplifies the fact that all polymers are not made equal. A Soil-Sement® treated surface will provide you with optimum performance 365 days a year!



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