Natural Paving System


Go Green and Cool for Natural Looking, Cost-Effective Paths and Trails

Picture the paths of a centuries-old park, bike trails along a river, even the parking lot of a favorite campground. Chances are you are not seeing asphalt or concrete in your mind’s eye. Where naturally beautiful surfaces are the desired outcome, the most eye-pleasing results are those that look as if they were designed by Nature herself.

Midwest’s versatile ResinPave natural paving system delivers more than aesthetics. In addition to curb appeal, it produces heat-reflective, cool surfaces with superior strength, durability, and environmental properties that can translate to LEED credits for your project. You get the performance you want at a lower cost per square foot than asphalt or concrete, without causing any harm to the environment.

The ResinPave® system at a glance
• Creates a decorative, durable, all-weather pavement
• Produces heat-reflective surfaces that remain cool
• Meets ADA guidelines for accessibility
• Installs with ease and is simple to maintain
• Will not harm vegetation or wildlife
• Can be used to repair deteriorated asphalt



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