Natural, Decorative Paving


Pave Your Way to Natural Cool, Cost-Effective Paths, Trails and Other Surfaces
Looks matter. If your goal is to create a green-paved surface that complements the landscape in which it lies, the solution is Midwest’s GreenPave® family of Products. From plain-looking surfaces to the ornately patterned, smooth to the highly textured, the lightest to the darker hues of Nature, GreenPave affords design flexibility, maximum stabilization, and superior strength when building, restoring or maintaining a surface.
With Midwest’s GreenPave Products, it becomes easy to complement the natural beauty and unique personality of the grounds surrounding bike paths, resort properties, waterside trails, parking lots, courtyards, and any other surfaces where natural paving is the system of choice. The looks are optimal. The environment is unharmed, and the price is right.

Vital statistics
• Creates a decorative, durable, all-weather pavement
• Produces heat-reflective surfaces that remain cool
• Meets ADA guidelines for accessibility
• Installs with ease and is simple to maintain
• Will not harm vegetation or wildlife
• Easily repaired
• Can be used to repair deteriorated asphalt
• Produces skid-resistant surfaces



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