E-Sprayer System

E-Sprayer™ System
Do-It-Yourself Dust Control

Custom Designed and Built to Perform Under the Most Demanding Dust Conditions
The Midwest E-Sprayer System efficiently dispenses world-class Soil-Sement®, EnviroKleen® and EK35® environmentally-safe dust control agents. The heavy-duty system will effectively spray virtually any product.

E-Sprayer System Features:
• One-man operation
• Easy-to-use, fill and dispense unit
• Mobile and versatile
• Rugged construction
• Universal application - spray with 8’ spray bar
• 4.7 hp Diesel /JP8 fuel electric start engine and Gorman-Rupp pump
• Lightweight yet durable
• Modular design for service ease and reliability
• Completely self-contained
• Self-transfer capability (50 gal/min)
• 12-volt electrical system
• Instant on/off from in-cab controls
• Flow control with throttle and/or
motorized regulator
• 275-gallon chemical tank vessel





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Price: $19,250.00