Winter Spray Systems

Three Ways to Operate When Severe Winter Weather Hits

While others are forced to shut down when winter weather hits, the Cobra Auto-Spray System, “Press and Go” Spray System, or Manual Spray System will keep you running.

Cobra Auto-Spray System
The Auto-Spray System is programmed to turn on automatically, and will spray the top cover, bottom cover or both simultaneously. It will then turn itself off and is ready for the next pre-programmed spraying cycle.
The Cobra Auto-Spray System controller has a main power switch which must be turned on manually. With power to the system, the system timer turns on the pump at pre-set intervals (for example, every hour, etc.) and leaves the spray on for a pre-set interval (for example, one complete belt revolution or 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.) then turns the pump off. It’s then ready to be turned on at the next designated time.

Cobra “Press and Go” Spray System
With the Cobra “Press and Go” Spray System, you just press “start” and walk away! The system will spray for a pre-set time and then turn itself off. It’s then ready for the next spraying session.

Cobra Manual Spray System
The Cobra Manual Spray System is turned on and off manually using a toggle switch located on the unit.





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