Zero Gravity Third Rail PG

Zero Gravity Third Rail®

Eliminate the Nightmare of Transit System Shutdown Due to Icing Prevent third rail icing with an anti-icing strategy. Icing on the third rail will produce insufficient electrical contacts, causing power problems and preventing mass transit trains from operating. Be pro-active and stay ahead of the storm, after all, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Third Rail Anti-Icer is applied prior to a severe storm event. On-going applications during the storm will maintain a clear, ice-free third rail. Anti-icing provides
the maintenance manager with two major benefits:
• Keeping transit trains running on schedule
• Maintaining maximum safety for passengers

If you wait until ice forms, “deicing” requires 5 to 10
times more product to melt ice than what is required to “anti-ice” in the first place. This is because typical deicers, due to their lower viscosity, create more runoff and make deicing highly ineffective. When you compare your options, anti-icing is more economical, faster, easier and is the far superior choice. You save time, money and operational interruption when you prepare an anti-icing strategy. Midwest helps you prepare your anti-icing strategy and provides you peace of mind.



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