Belt De-Icer, Ice Melter and Anti-Icing Agent


Eliminate Frozen Build-Up from Bucket Wheels, Chutes and Hoppers

Enviro-Mlt melts and prevents ice build-up, therefore eliminates costly downtime. And it minimizes hazardous working conditions.

Enviro-Mlt is non hazardous per OSHA requirements, non-toxic and less corrosive than chlorides. It comes
ready to use, no dilution to worry about.

Enviro-Mlt also does NOT contain any non-volatile organics, rendering it safe for the atmosphere — no hazardous air pollutants to worry about!

Outstanding benefits of Enviro-Mlt™

• Environmentally sound, non-hazardous per OSHA requirements
• Melts existing snow, ice and freezing frost from the surface of conveyor belts
• Prevents snow and ice from building up on conveyor belts
• Reduces material handling time
• Prevents down-time associated with dangerous and costly coal backslides
• Will not cause damage to conveyor equipment or conveyor belts like chloride-based Products can
• Effective as a de-icer and as an anti-icer
• Lasts longer than chloride-based blends



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