Liquid Ice-Mlt

Liquid Ice-Mlt®
Conveyor Belt De-Icer, Ice Melter & Anti-Icing Agent


Keeps You Operating During Peak Demand Times
Liquid Ice-Mlt eliminates coal and material handling problems caused by ice glazing and fines build-up. These problems seriously complicate or prevent operations from functioning to their maximum capability. Liquid Ice-Mlt can solve these problems, and it works in temperatures as low as -40°F.

What is Liquid Ice-Mlt?
Liquid Ice-Mlt is a multi-component liquid belt de-icer. It is a special blend of diethylene glycol, chlorides, and various other proprietary ingredients which enhance ice melting and prevent ice build-up.
Ideally, Liquid Ice-Mlt is sprayed onto the conveyor belt via a Cobra™ Winter Spray System. It is best applied before ice or snow has a chance to accumulate on the belt. Because scrapers and the coal itself act to wipe the Liquid Ice-Mlt off the belt surface, it needs to be re-applied periodically depending on the weather conditions. Liquid Ice-Mlt can also be used to melt ice and snow. More frequent applications may be required, because the Liquid Ice-Mlt becomes diluted as it works to melt the snow and ice. Each customer and application is different and each requires an analysis of the situation. Our experienced technical sales representatives and field service operators are trained to determine the best application rates for your needs.




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