Wet Suppression System


Fight Dust at Loading, Unloading, Belt Conveying, Transferring, Stack-out, Reclaim and Crushing

The Dustract Wet Suppression System is a well-proven method of dust control enhanced with state-of-the-art technology developed by Midwest, and is achieved by the application of moisture, via atomizing sprays, to points of material process handling. The Dustract Additive is injected into the pumped water stream at a rate of 1 part Dustract to 2000 parts water. This small amount of Dustract is sufficient to break down surface tension on water, and to increase the attraction and encapsulation of dust particles.

Spray manifolds are specifically designed for installation at each chosen spray point and each single set of spray manifolds are controlled by a locally installed solenoid valve control box.

A central pump station installed at a chosen position includes all pumps, filters, chemical injection, pressure relief and isolation facilities. The main system control panel is normally located within the pump station, but an alternative location can be chosen.



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